A huge part of running a salon offering the best service possible. The goal is to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere, all while giving customer the looks they want with the highest quality services. Treating our customers with care and allowing them to feel comfortable and beautiful, is what makes us who we are.

At Belle Ross Spa & Salon, we have a team of talented, experienced stylists and technicians that work hard to give each customer the service they deserve. We are all about high-quality services and products here, that is why we now offer Éminence Organic Skin Care.

Éminence Organic Skin Care is an all natural, organic, and Biodynamic® product that was created to care for different skin type and needs. This high-quality skin care line is made using sustainable farming and green practices, and the products are free of parabens, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, animal by-products; harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oil, petroleum, and other harsh chemicals commonly used in cosmetics.

At Belle Ross Spa & Salon, we offer different facial services to enhance the look and feel of your skin, all while using these healthy and amazing products. When you come into our spa for an organic skin care treatment, you will get a customized treatment to help with your skin concerns. These products are not universal and can help any skin type become healthy and beautiful.

Skin Type

Everyone has different skin types, and learning what is right for your skin is important if you want to keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy. Even if you have relatively normal skin, and only experience dry or oily patches every so often, it is still important to have a regular skin care routine.

The Éminence skin care line offers products that can help with dry, oily, sensitive, normal, or combination skin. By knowing the type of skin you have, you will more easily be able to find the right products to help your skin look healthier.

Skin Concerns and Conditions

While we all have different skin types, we also all struggle from different skin concerns and conditions. These concerns range from when we are teenagers to when we start developing wrinkles. But the right skin care products can help target these skin problems, helping your skin become healthier and more youthful looking.

Acnes and breakouts, rosacea and redness, signs of aging, uneven skin tones or hyperpigmentation, large pores, lack of firmness, sun damage, and skin issues around the eyes are all the areas that the Éminence products target. These are common problems, but with the right skin care they can be cared for.

If you have dry skin and are concerned with a lack of firmness, you can get a recommendation for Éminence Organic Skin Care.

Belle Ross Spa & Salon is proud to offer such a high-quality and environmentally friendly product. Schedule an Organic Skin Care facial today to get the benefits from this skin care line! Contact us today with any questions!