We all get urges to make a drastic change in our lives from time to time. If your most recent urge was to chop your hair off, you go girl. But if you are now regretting your decision and wanting your lush and long locks back, be patient. There are different way to help speed up the growth process, but you must remember that it is not going to grow overnight. It also depends on what type of hair you have, some hair grows faster than others, but we will talk about this another time.

At Belle Ross Spa & Salon, we know that taking care of your hair can be tricky, especially when you are trying to grow it out, but the better you take care of it, the faster your long locks will be back. In this blog, we are going to give you some tips to help boost the speed at which your hair grows. Read on and get started on your journey to longer hair.

Get Trims

As your hair grows longer, the ends will begin to look dry and gross, it is just the way of life when it comes to hair. By getting frequent trims, you can keep your hair healthy and keep it looking longer. Dead and damaged hair (aka split ends) will break off eventually, leaving your hair shorter because it was not healthy. The healthier you keep your hair the better it will look, especially as it grows out. Cutting your hair doesn’t speed up the hair growing process, but it does help your hair look better.

Spread the Love

Before you head to bed, gently brush your hair from scalp to the ends. This will spread the natural oil throughout your hair and help keep it moist (yes, we hate this word too) throughout the night. This can help increase the circulation in your scalp, making it healthier. And a healthy scalp can help your hair grow strong and long.

Use Conditioner

Keeping your hair hydrated is important to keep your hair healthy. Every time you shampoo your hair (which should not be daily) you must condition. Conditioning helps to replace the proteins and lipids inside the hair shaft and the cuticle to prevent more damage, allowing your hair to grow longer.

Use Oil Treatment

Use an oil or mask treatment once a week to help give the ends of your hair. You can make your own easily at home. Apply it to your hair and leave it in for about 10 minutes. Then shampoo your hair and condition as normal. The oil will fill your hair with fatty acids and help keep your hair more hydrated and healthy.

There are many other ways to help your hair grow long faster. The health of your hair matters, so be sure to take care of your locks and avoid things that will cause damage, especially when trying to grow it out. These are a few of the many tips, in our next blog we will go over some additional way to improve the growth of your hair!

If you want to trim off those dead ends or you want a full-on haircut, schedule an appointment with Belle Ross Spa & Salon. Contact us with any questions and start making simple changes to grow your hair long and strong!