Nowadays there is little time for relaxation, pampering yourself, and enjoying some quality you time. With such busy schedules focused on work, school, kids, family, and everything you have going on, it is time to take a moment for yourself.

Head to the mall and go shopping, spend the day lying in bed and watching movies, or better yet, let someone pamper you. Let Belle Ross Spa & Salon give you the care and attention you need to get deep relaxation you deserve.

At Belle Ross, we offer a large variety of spa and salon services for full tranquility. If you need a day off, a day to relax, or just a mini break from your hectic life, come and visit Belle Ross. We can help you feel relaxed in no time. Some of the services we offer include:


Our spa services offer our clients the best and most relaxing treatment options. With typical spa services, such as massages, manis and pedis, waxing, and more. But we offer different options for each of these. Meaning you can get the best of the best all in one place! We even offer spa packages for a day full of relaxation.

Body Treatments

Our body treatments will give you just what you need. We offer different body wraps, to detoxify, slim, and rejuvenate your body. We also have massages that can help with many different pains or problems you may suffer from. You can see our list of massages to pick one that would be most beneficial to you.

Facial Treatments

Belle Ross offers many different types of facials, allowing for you to pick the right one for your skin and needs. From a dermalogica bioactive peel to a firming facial treatment, we have everything you need to get your face glowing and radiant.

We also offer makeup applications. Giving you a beautiful look that you can enjoy all day!

Nail Treatments

Any spa offers nail treatments, it is a simple way to relax and get areas taken care of that are usually ignored during our beauty rituals. Feet and hands take a beating daily, but with a mani pedi, you can get them taken care of!

Waxing Treatments

Get rid of that unwanted hair with a professional waxing. Shaving can get old, that is where we can help! Get a waxing and forget about your annoying daily rituals.


Our salon services will have your hair looking beautiful, shining, and soft in no time! Get a cut, color, and style to freshen up your look! We can do many different cuts and give you advice based on your hair type and the style you want!


Getting your haircut, or at least trimmed, is what keeps you hair growing and looking healthy. If it has been a while since you have gotten your last cut, come on in and we can get your hair looking sharp, fun, and new! Try a funky deva cut or go for something bold, like the sahag haircut. We even do haircuts for men, boys, and girls, so if your whole family needs a fresh cut, we can take care of all of you!


Coloring your hair is something that can be an easy DIY project, but if you want it to turn out professionally, you should probably let the professionals handle it. We can do hilites and lowlites, full color, and so much more! Get a new do and let Belle Ross turn your mop of hair into a glorious mane

If you don’t think you have time for a day of relaxation, then you most likely need it. Call in sick, come in to Belle Ross Spa & Salon, and let us give you a day to ease your mind, take a moment to yourself, and enjoy life again. Contact us today and we can get you scheduled for one of our many amazing services.