You put your hair through a lot. From straightening to coloring, even brushing can cause damage to your hair. Over time, this all can cause your hair to look frizzy and unhealthy.

Your hair is made up of keratin. This is a protein that is found in hair, skin, and nails, but your hair mainly contains keratin-associated proteins. The keratin in your hair helps protect and strengthen your hair. On the outer layers of your hair strands, also know as the cuticle, keratin acts as a protection. On the inner core of your hair strands, aka the cortex, the keratin acts as an internal structure.

When you dye, straighten, brush, or do anything else to your hair that causes damage, the keratin is diminished. Keratin Complex treatments can help restore your hair, working to add strength and elasticity to your hair, creating a healthy look.

Belle Ross Spa & Salon offers Keratin Complex Personalized Blow Out treatments that can help rejuvenate your hair! This treatment can give you the hairstyle you want from straight to curly, all while smoothing and helping to strengthen each individual hair.

The Keratin Complex treatment offers a smoothing solution for all hair types, giving you beautiful and healthy hair for up to three to five months.

These Keratin treatments work for many different hair textures and types. If your hair is frizzy, lacks shine, has been through a ton of straightening and blow dry sessions, or has tight curls you want to loosen, this treatment could help your hair. While there are many people with many hair types that are good candidates for this treatment, some may want to avoid it.

Keratin treatments should be avoided if you are pregnant, have extremely damaged hair, stick-straight, or super fine hair. If you have questions about if this treatment is good for your hair, contact our salon!

You put your hair through a ton—with heat, chemicals, and even natural elements. These treatments can help restore your hair and repair some of the damage you did. These treatments are a great way to give your hair the shine and healthy look you have long forgotten.

Our salon is proud to offer these Keratin Complex Personalized Blow Out treatments, helping you get you hair to a healthier state. When you do decide to treat yourself and get this rejuvenating treatment, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You shouldn’t wash your hair after the treatment for 72 hours, if you can’t make it that long, don’t expect the results to last as long as stated above.
  • Do not use clips or hair ties within those first 72 hours.
  • Using a specific type of shampoo will help the treatment last longer.
  • Washing your hair everyday will affect how long the results last.

These are just a few aspects of the treatment that could affect how long the results will last. If you follow your stylists directions, your results should last the three to five months.

While this treatment may not be as long lasting as dyeing your hair, it certainly has a more positive effect. This treatment could help liven up your hair and make it healthier and beautiful.

If you think that a Keratin Complex Personalized Blow Out could help give your hair the shine and healthy look you need, contact Belle Ross Spa & Salon, we can answer any questions and offer you amazing service.