Most of us are used to going to a salon and getting our hair washed and scalp massaged before getting a haircut. The perfect balance between the heat of the water, the smell of the shampoo, and the pressure of the water creates a relaxing hair washing experience that quickly becomes our favorite part of a haircut.

Many woman would never even think about getting a dry haircut, but is is actually more popular than you might expect. A dry cut, also called a Sahag cut, has become popular and is an art among hairstylist. This form of cutting hair is different. A hairstylist cuts the hair by the way it looks dry, for curly hair they would cut one curl individually so that the curls all work together.

While a dry cut may not seem to offer more benefits than a wet haircut, there are many things that can be done with a dry cut that become more of a challenge when working with wet hair. At Belle Ross Spa & Salon, we are proud to offer this sculpting haircut. As a John Sahag certified salon, we can help you get the look you want.

What are the benefits of getting a dy haircut? In this blog we will go over some of the reasons why you should give it a try next time you head to the salon. You may just love the results.

Easier To Visualize

As a hairstylist chops off chunks of your wet hair at a time, you begin to panic, wondering if it will turn out the way you expected. Will it be the right length? Will the layers be long enough or too noticeable? Will you have the freshly cut look that you always want to avoid? It is a toss up really, but with a dry haircut the whole process becomes a lot less stressful.

Both you and the hairstylist will have an easier time visualizing what you hair will look like in the end. You don’t have to think about how short it will look once it dries or how it will shape differently. You get to watch your cut as it develops and get a feel for what it will look like once it is complete. It also makes it a lot easier for your hairstylist to see what they are creating. They can cut individual sections of hair to help them all look better together. With a wet haircut, you have to wait until the cut is complete and your hair is blown dry to see what it truly looks like.

Benefits For Different Hair Types

Dry haircuts are not only for woman with curly hair. They can be used to cut all different types of hair and create a better look for each of them.

Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, a dry haircut can allow for it to look as though there is more volume. The way your hair curves or waves can be cut in specific ways to create an illusion. Hairstylists can use these curve to find the areas that can be used to your advantage. Whether you have kinks in your hair or certain areas that have more waves, they can recognize those easily and create a haircut that works with your hair.

Curly Hair

Curls don’t all fall the same way. A dry cut allows hairstylists to see the individual curls and the way they fall. When curly hair is wet it is heavier, weighting it down and making it hard to know how the hair will dry. When wet curly hair is cut to all one length, the dry results are going to look drastically different. Some curls may be curlier, others may be thinner, and each is unique. Because of this, a dry haircut allows for each curl to be cut to work all together.

Sahag and dry haircuts can change the way you think about haircuts and your hair in general. Come in to Belle Ross Salon & Spa and give a dry haircut a try. Contact us with any questions and make an appointment!